Covenant Baptist Church

“Behold, a sower went out to sow.”

— Matthew 13:2 —


Audio should stream when the sermon is chosen, and not download. Some web browsers download instead of streaming, so it is suggested you use a web browser like Firefox for proper streaming of sermons, or otherwise customize your preferred browser for streaming.

Apologies for the persistent hum at the beginning of many recordings. This has been a stubborn matter that I hope (as of 2020) is lessened. If you persevere for a few minutes it generally goes away and the recording is clearer.


*Current 11 AM Teaching*

Esther: Sunday AM

Parallel Theme to AM Sermon: Sunday PM

1 Samuel: Wednesday Night


CD copies of sermons are available upon request and will be copied for you and delivered

 at the next regular church service unless other arrangements are specifically made.



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