Covenant Baptist Church

“Think not of the sinner, or of the greatness of his sin, but think of the greatness of the Savior!”

— Charles Spurgeon —


Covenant Baptist Church

was formed for the purpose of providing a peaceful atmosphere where we could learn more about Jesus Christ and serve Him acceptably, according to His Word. We don't believe it is justifiable to just start a new local church body on the whims of dissatisfied members. There is far too much of that going on today. The founding members had both a desire to glorify Jesus Christ, and a willingness to locate the church building in a place where the gospel was greatly needed.

What Is A Reformed Southern Baptist Church?

"Reformed" does not, in this case, refer to an updated liturgy or a change in our church from a former position. "Reformed" refers to Reformed theology, or theology of the Reformation. It is commonly a synonym for Calvinism. Although most Southern Baptist churches today are Arminian in theology and practice, the original commitment of Southern Baptists was toward a Calvinistic or Reformed theology. See the links for more information on this topic.


If you cringe at the word, "Calvinism," it is likely that you are thinking of Hyper-Calvinism, or that you are listening to others who don't really understand the basics of true Calvinism. I recommend Dr. Richard Belcher's book, "A Journey In Grace" as a primer to Calvinism. Also, Charles Spurgeon addressed the topic in "A Defense of Calvinism."




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